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Birthdate:Jan 30
Location:Osaka, Japan
I'm [ profile] Jougetsu, [ profile] jougetsu, and [ profile] juniperstreet.

I'm a queer person of color who teaches English in Japan. I've been in fandom primarily on LJ (and before that mailing lists) and FF.Net since the early 2000s, but these days I'm mostly on tumblr and AO3. I'm looking to get back to being more active in fandom and writing more (fanfic, original stories, and media reviews).

I'm perpetually multi-fannish in that my interests are varied and it's rare for me to ever walk entirely away from a fandom. By which I mean I'm always happy to chat about old fandoms/interests as well as new ones. Feel free to friend me at will or drop me a line any time!

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